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Events in Carmel, IN

See what's happening in Carmel, Indiana and browse through events, festivals and performances or search by category, keyword or date range.  Be sure to bookmark your favorites in your trip planner.  Click HERE to access the official site. 

Flamingo Party
  - Returning in 2024


Want to host a party on your block? 

Let us know so we can post your event on next door and on our site. 

What are Flamingo Parties?


If you are new to the subdivision you may not be familiar with what a "Flamingo party" is but we're sure the residents that have been here a while can tell you they are a lot of fun!  

Flamingo parties can pop up on any street at any time...the choice of when and where to have them is up to you.  They typically happen in a cul-de-sac as they have limited traffic but aren't limited to the residents that live in that cul-de-sac.  If you want to initiate one, be sure to contact your block captain and inform everyone living in that area so they can plan accordingly for any road obstructions.  

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